New alternatives to innerHTML

getHTML, setHTML, setHTMLUnsafe, declarative shadow DOM and sanitization

Parsing declarative shadow DOM

Document.parseHTMLUnsafe is the new improved .parseFromString

Render-blocking on purpose

The new blocking="render" attribute.

The slow death of CSS vendor prefixes

Do we still need Autoprefixer?

Custom pseudo-classes for web components with the CustomStateSet API

Custom CSS pseudo-classes for custom elements

Sharing styles between shadow DOM

Sharing styles between web components using CSS modules.

Creating and importing styles with constructable stylesheets and CSS module scripts

Creating, importing and manipulating stylesheets using JavaScript.

AVIF Everywhere

A new image format for the web finally gets full browser support.

Easy vertical alignment without flexbox

Easy vertical alignment with display block

The AV1 video codec gains broader hardware support

The next-gen royalty-free video codec is supported on new Apple devices.

The View Transitions API, the Navigation API and the SPA vs MPA debate

Memory leaks, accessibility, core web vitals, paint holding, native browser loading spinners, Server Side Rendering, and more.

User-adaptive interfaces with AccentColor

Respecting user preferences for form controls.

Declarative Shadow DOM

Shadow DOM without JavaScript

Converting between iterables and web streams

ReadableStream.from() and Array.fromAsync()

Import JSON, CSS and more with import attributes

A standard way to import JSON modules, CSS modules and more

Change array by copy

toReversed(), toSorted() and toSpliced()

Grouping array items with groupBy()


Using emoji on the web

Probably more than you ever wanted to know about emoji

The new @font-face syntax

Using variable fonts and color fonts with @font-face.

System font deep dive

system-ui, ui-monospace, ui-rounded, ui-sans-serif and ui-serif.

color-mix and relative color

How to modify the hue, saturation, lightness and opacity of colors with CSS

Modern component-driven HTML email

Using CSS variables, components and Tailwind in HTML Email

Standardising design tokens

The Design Tokens Community Group standard

A guide to CSS shapes and offset-path

Big improvements are coming to CSS Motion Path. Use offset-path and offset-distance to move elements along a path.

image-set() for CSS background images

Use the latest image formats in CSS.

Styling scrollbars

How to style scrollbars... and the question of whether you should.

An introduction to @scope in CSS

Style based on proximity and set a lower boundary for a selector.

Changing inline styles with JavaScript

Use the Typed OM and older APIs to get, delete and add inline styles using JavaScript.

Register custom properties in CSS, get and update them with JavaScript

Use @property to register custom properties in CSS. Get and update them in JavaScript with the Typed OM.

Using linear() for better animation

Using the linear() easing function with CSS transitions, animations and the JavaScript Web Animations API

__dirname & __filename equivalent in Bun

Get the directory and file name of the current module

Modern HTML email (tables no longer required)

Coding email like it's 2023

The clear-site-data header

Wipe data from a web browser with this header

The submitter parameter for FormData

Learn about the new submitter parameter for FormData